Stellenbosch Hills is an established player on the South African wine scene, celebrating more than 70 years of winemaking excellence and industry experience.

The first farms in the Vlottenburg area of Stellenbosch was allocated in 1707 (by the then Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, Simon van der Stel) to two farmers, Gerrit Hanseret and Pierre Rochefort. It is widely accepted that the first farming activities, which includes grape growing, started in 1707 in the current Stellenbosch Hills area. In 2003 Vlottenburg Co-op became Stellenbosch Hills to reflect the broader spectrum selection of terroir (beyond Vlottenburg), including some of the world renowned Stellenbosch region’s most exclusive vineyards.

“At Stellenbosch Hills we are proud of our rich history and heritage, and dedicated to the task of continuing to make affordable, internationally celebrated wines.